Reply to "Hot Sauce"

Szechuan hot pepper oil.
2 cups worth

1/4 lb dried red chilies(hatch if not to spice, thai small red for extra spicy)

or you can buy them fresh.

1/4 cup of sichaun peppercorns
1 star anise
1 tea spoon of ginger
1 tea spoon of cinnamon
1 tea spoon of white pepper
(a take on the chiense 5 spice)
1 tbl spoon of salt

put in two cups of peanut oil, with spices.

Heat oil up

insert dried chilies.
As they start turning color, add sichaun peppercorn.

fry dried chilies and peppercorn until they're crunchy (and blackish)

turn off heat, take chilis and peppercorn out of oil and into mortar and pestle.

grind fine and put back into oil.

let cool and store it in jar.

Keep in fridge, stores for up to a year.