Reply to "Herbs and Spices."

I love them all. The smell of basil gives me chills, though. I tend to use more savory herbs like thyme and rosemary in the cooler months, while basil and cilantro are often in my summer dishes. I hardly ever use dried herbs (except thyme and oregano).
Thyme - most brown sauces (especially Chasseur), tomato sauce, mushroom soup, roasted root veggies, lamb/short rib braise, coq au vin,

Rosemary - lamb/short rib braise, blue cheese crust on steak,

Basil - garnish tomato sauce, Caprese Salad, pesto, garnish pho

Cilantro - salsa, fruit relish, spicy cilantro sauce over prawns

Parsley - tomato sauce, lamb,

Occassionally use - Tarragon - white sauce, Oregano - tomato sauce, Mint - lamb, Dill - seafood, Herbs de Provence - Coq au Vin,

All Spice/Cloves - Jerk sauce,
Cumin - salsa, indian and Moroccan dishes
Nutmeg - potatoes gratin
Sambal Olek (Chili oil) - stir fries

Garlic, ginger, and dijon mustard in too many to mention