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Reply to "Help with pairings"

Originally posted by grunhauser:
picnic - pleasure trip on which food is carried to be eaten outdoors. A.S.Hornby.
"cozy by the fire in February with good wine" hardly fits the description.
and what happened to dinner??? Confused you must be very good looking Big Grin

p.s. raspberries available in your hood? get some instead straws, and serve a magnum of Gosset Grand Reserve Rose, followed by good Port or Banyuls and he'll be eating out of your hand for quite awile. Wink

Dinner you ask? He cooks very well and he loves Italian influence, so I'm thinking the picnic in front of the fire as an appetizer would be a fitting prelude to his skills. Hence, the Italian cheeses and meats, as well as the rich dessert, for the menu.

However the idea of him eating out of my hand...hmmmm Wink GRRR Thats the plan, get him's not about romance at all - LOL
Roll Eyes

Thanks to you all - I hope this works wonders on him.

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