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Reply to "Guinea Fowl"

Originally posted by Pauly:
I've got my hands on a few guinea fowl which I'll do for dinner next week.

Does anybody have any good recipes for this birdy?

Since they're prone to drying out my plan is to cook them in a tagine, [ATM I'm thinking of cherry, plums and red wine for a reduction sauce].

Sides dishes I'm thinking of include crushed kifler potatoes and steamed broccolini.

oooh.. if in a tagine, throw some couscous on the bottom, butter, chicken broth and a little white wine. absolutely love couscous...
add dried figs, plums, the fowl gizzards, some rosemary wouldn't hurt either. I'd also toast some pine nuts and cook the bird some first, then add in teh couscous. I'd stuff the bird itself with mushrooms, butter breast side down into the tagine.

red wine with cherry reduction would be decadent but i dont think would go with a fowl which i think is white meat no?