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Reply to "Grinding meat for burgers...with my food processor?"

Originally posted by thelostverse:
I have. I've used the Cook's Illustrated recipe for pub-style burgers.

They cut 2 lbs. sirloin steak tips into 1/2 inch chunks, and then freeze them on a baking sheet for about 35 minutes until they are very firm and starting to harden around the edges but still pliable.

They then pulse 1/4 of the meat in the food processor until finely ground into 1/16-inch pieces, about 35 one-second pulses. Repeat with the other 3 batches etc... You have to then inspect the meat to discard any long strands of gristle or large chunks of hard meat or fat.

The process worked, but was somewhat time consuming and laborious. I personally don't eat hamburgers, but the family loves them, so they badgered me into making them at home. My wife could definitely tell the difference between home ground and store bought, and she absolutely loved these.

I bought the KA food grinder attachment going forward as it looks like I will be doing this more often.

I've also done this. Works reasonably well. Yes, of course a meat grinder works better as suggested, but I'm not buying a meat grinder to use once a year or so. Obviously others habits may vary.