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Originally posted by GlennK:
Took our 3.5 year old to Disneyland yesterday for the first time. I'm not a fan so I haven't been in more than 20 years (besides a few night time corporate events) but it was wonderful seeing Disney through her eyes. She had an absolute blast which made it all worth it. Some random thoughts from yesterday:

It has been 20 years for us as well. We cannot wait to take our granddaughter this year.

- It's alarming how many grossly overweight people there are. When you are walking through a big place like Disney which includes a lot of tourists its really eye opening the % of people that are just plan fat. I saw kids the same age as my daughter that were 4-5 times her size. Then you see their massive parents double fisting a churro and a corndog and you understand why. I'm not a small guy but I was like a fitness model next to most of these people. It was kind of sad.

I think the same thing every time I have a delay at the airport. Very alarming.

- I thought cargo pants and shorts were largely extinct. I'm sad to report they are alive and well. The fashion in generally for most people at Disney is a site to see. Not as bad as the people of Walmart website but close.

Seem to be FINALLY falling out of favor.

- I was not aware that there we so many Disney obsessed adults. Adults with no kids, dressed in Disney gear getting autographs from Mini Mouse. Interesting.

I cannot imagine going without kids. That is interesting.

- The infrastructure at Disney is pretty impressive when you stop and think about it. The trams, parking, lines, moving ropes, blocking things off for the quick parade, the timing of shows and character appearances, etc. They have had a long time to get it down but still impressive when you think about it.