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Originally posted by Board-O:
Originally posted by bman:
Originally posted by FL Wino:
Fox Run
Anthony Road
Red Newt
Lamoreaux Landing Wine Cellars

Thanks! Cool

We hit Red Newt yesterday and liked it. Best of today was Hermann Weimer. Not sure we will visit more tomorrow - our last day and we put in many many miles over the past two days!

Howdy, bman! Did you try Wiemer's TBA?

No, they weren't pouring it. I asked if they would pour anything not on the list and they wouldn't. They said they poured some higher-end stuff on weekends but not during the week.

To be honest, we were surprised how unfriendly some of the pourers were - in one place, Bloomer Creek, the pourer (also the wife of the owner/winemaker) was outright hostile because I didn't want to taste all her wines. She was a really nasty piece of work!