Reply to "Great Lyrics"

A short, simple lyric that I think is a classic turn of phrase to say someone is a douche back

"It's safe to say he never met Will Rogers."

And one of my favorites:

It was late one night on a Kentucky highway, up ahead on the horizon,
It was there before my eyes, I saw the glowin’ cross of Jesus Christ.
I saw Jesus on the grille, of a south-bound Peterbilt,
Catchin’ bugs between his teeth, and glowin’ for everyone to see.
He don’t stop at those toll-booths, the state troopers let him roll on thru,
Folks stop and stare at his long flowing hair, and his gold-capped tooth.
I saw Jesus on the Grille, rolling down the Interstate,
And I know we won’t be late no darling, with the potentate of hauling freight,

Talkin’ Jesus, riding on the Grille, Talkin’ Jesus blessing every road-kill.
Talkin’ Jesus giving points for good behavior,
I’ve been redeemed by the 75 mph savior, tell it mommy now.

I saw him down at a roadside diner, with a soybean burger and a side of fries,
A big ol’ glass of chocolate milk, and a slice of apple pie.