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Reply to "Garagiste garage sale case"

Originally posted by GregT:
Why would you let someone ship you a case of wine that you don't know? I finally broke down and bought some wines from these guys - I think their business model is excellent in that it's the palate of one person selecting the wine to offer - but I'm still not going to suggest that they send me something I don't know. For the money, I can think of a hundred wines I already know and I'd buy - why let someone else decide what I'll drink? What if it's a whole lot of some offbeat chardonnay that I don't like?


If one of the wines in the case is Chardonnay, I hope it is not from my home state.
Each case is supposed to be from 12 different regions, and different countries as much as is possible.

The reason to purchase is the same as if the offering was of a random selection of Joe Dressner, Kermit Lynch, Bobby Kacher, Eric Solomon, or other importer who's taste is well established.
You won't hit gold every time, but the hope is that you will end up with something good that you would have overlooked, and the rest will be within your normal drinking range at a considerable discount.