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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Rothko posted:

This one was very disappointing.  

The dragons being ambushed by a fleet is about as realistic as the US battleships ambushing the Japanese planes on December 7, 1941.

Cersei not killing Tyrion is completely irrational and against her character.  Didn't she just hire Bronn to kill him and Jaime?  And there he is, standing right below the gates.  And while she's willing to send a message by killing Missandei, she isn't willing to kill Tyrion?  Does he just turn around and walk away.

And Jon Snow tells his sisters his big "secret" which, as Varys points out, is no longer a secret but is information.  And Sansa immediately blabs; so much for the power of her word.

Really, I was tempted to turn off the tv.

I wasn’t as disappointed as you. But it definitely felt like “Ok. We need the following things to happen in episodes 5 and 6, so let’s do everything to set those episodes up, irrespective of ultimate storytelling quality.”

Looking forward to next week, though.