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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
Where I'm losing you guys is that having one dragon killed doesn't ruin the 3-dragon theory.

3 Dragons fly into Westeros, kicking ass, burning up some delicious gyro meat, and destroying the Lannister and Greyjoy army. In the process, one dies, but the Lannister's and Greyjoy's are already dead / dying - so the 3 dragons prophecy still comes true... just that one dies in the end.

Anyway, yeah, we'll wait and see.

Good stuff!

It is not a 3 dragon theory - it is that there are 3 people flying the 3 dragons. Dragon power does not mean the dragons fly around doing what they want. Dragons need riders. There are 3 meaning 3 people are needed. We are not there yet. If one is killed, that eliminates this theory/prophecy - which may well happen.

Lannister armies are not central to the real plot - this is a sideshow. Ice and Fire- White Walkers - the Others - that is where the big fight will be and what dragon fire might be useful for. Hell in the books, the Lannisters are barely even hanging on my a threat - Cersei is much much stupider, more incompetent and much much crazier - there is a whole other force (not existing in the show) that will likely have control of Kings Landing by the time the story is at this point