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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by Jorgerunfast:
Step down for me, too.

1. Soooo... what's Greyworm's "situation"? Still got some functional gear down there, or what?

2. The Greyjoy naval battle was disappointing to me. If Euron (pardon all of my spelling, btw) was able to beat them so handily, did they ever even stand a chance down the road? I get he has the Iron Fleet, but didn't Theon and his sister steal some of his best ships?

3. Theon really pissed me off. If they bring him back later on in the series as a sudden "savior" it'll be such bullshit. He had every chance to step up, and he bailed (literally). Is he suddenly supposed to toughen up down the road? Bullshit.

4. The sand snakes were defeated far too easily, IMO. They're supposed to be such little bad-asses, yet seemed easily handled. SAD! (hehe).

5. WTF was the point of the Arya + Dire wolf scene? I read an article explaining that the "That's not you" line is a reference to a comment Arya made to Ned in season 1 when Ned told her she'd be a domesticated princess some day, to which Arya applied "That's not me". So it was essentially Arya realizing that asking Nymeria to "come back and live a domesticated life in Winterfell with me "is not you". I guess it's just reminding us that Nymeria is still alive, knows who Arya is, and will probably kick some ass later on.

I'm enjoying the show, but I also can't wait for it to end. It has so many stories going on that I have to read episode recaps every week just to understand wtf is going on. The show is complicated enough as-is, and we haven't even seen the whitewalkers this season.

1. They just cuddled. [kidding]. I'm no expert on eunuchs, so I will leave this one to others.

2. Euron is supposed to have 1,000 ships, so I am not shocked he was able to catch Yara's fleet and whip it handily. What I do find laughable is that he was able to locate the fleet in the night, get his ships in close without any pickets detecting them, find Yara's flagship, and literally ram the ship without anyone raising the alarm. Surface naval warfare isn't usually like that.

3. Theon reverted to his true character. I don't have a problem with him going all "Reek" and jumping off the ship. Maybe his sister and Ellaria shouldn't have been dissing him moments earlier. Actually, I think that jumping off the ship was probably his only real option; if he had attacked Euron he would have been killed. I agree entirely that the show should not redeem him at some point and turn him into a heroic character. In fact, the most realistic outcome would be for him to drown.

4. I thought it was incredibly realistic for the Sand Snakes to get killed/captured so easily. 1) They are at sea, not in the desert, so they aren't in their environment; 2) their enemies are seasoned pirates, so their opponents are in their natural environment; and 3) I may catch grief for this, but in that world the vast majority of women don't stand a chance in combat against men. It's unrealistic that the Sand Snakes could take on and defeat the average male pirate.

5. I imagine Arya will meet her dire wolf again. I agree that I wasn't sure what the point was of this reunion.