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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by winetarelli:
1) Awesome.

2) Cersei trying to Murder Mrs. Dorne's daughter in front of Mrs. Dorne's own eyes will be the straw that breaks the camel's back for Jamie, and he will kill her because of it.

3) Nathalie Emmanuel.

No, that isn't going to be the straw. That was Jaime's daughter who was killed. He isn't going to have too much of a problem with Cersei dealing with them.

Just like he didn't do anything when the Mad King was killing Ned Stark's father and brother. It was only when the Mad King decided to "Burn them all!" that Jaime stepped in and killed him.

I do think that Jaime is going to kill his sister, thus fulfilling the prophecy, but it will only be when she announces she's going to destroy Kings Landing or something like that.