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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by winetarelli:
I don't think Lena Heady used a body double.

She did. Not a secret.

I'm so confused. Please tell me if I got this wrong:

Arya is possibly dead, possibly blind...


possibly just temporarily stunted.

"Stunted"? Don't know.

Sansa is possibly dead. She jumped as far as that girl fell to her death. Are we supposed to think Sansa just escaped?

Falling onto many inches of snow is better than falling onto the hard stone floor.

Jon Snow "is dead" but if he is actually dead it is just plain dumb. He beats a White Walker then gets killed by Ollie? (And others.)

Yes. Just ask Julius Caesar who defeated many what a little treachery can do.

BS. Plus, I just can't believe he is dead.

Perhaps, as said there is an unholy ally right near by.

Yes, Tyrion/Varys scene was great; and Arya kicking ass was great.

I could have done without Marcella being killed. That whole situation is just bizarre. The first time I've ever not liked Indira Varma.

She's a character in a TV show. The script made her do it.

It is gonna be a long 9 months, but this season was not as great as last season. Not at all.

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