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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by Adam10:
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Originally posted by Rothko:
Who wrote the script about the Sand Snakes and Bronn??

They should be tossed into the Black Cells...

Nothing wrong with a little diversion and a pair of very beautiful breasts.

19 year old stunner. Cersei's body double CGI was dodgy...points lost.

I don't think Lena Heady used a body double.

Yes, Bronn's "diversion" is... explode

I'm so confused. Please tell me if I got this wrong:

Arya is possibly dead, possibly blind, possibly just temporarily stunted.

Sansa is possibly dead. She jumped as far as that girl fell to her death. Are we supposed to think Sansa just escaped?

Jon Snow "is dead" but if he is actually dead it is just plain dumb. He beats a White Walker then gets killed by Ollie? (And others.) BS. Plus, I just can't believe he is dead.

Yes, Tyrion/Varys scene was great; and Arya kicking ass was great.

I could have done without Marcella being killed. That whole situation is just bizarre. The first time I've ever not liked Indira Varma.

It is gonna be a long 9 months, but this season was not as great as last season. Not at all.