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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

I don't really want to get into defending the show. I'll just make a couple of points. First, for the record, I've never been one to compare books and movies. "It wasn't as good as the book" to me is a meaningless statement and not a review. I only have mentioned it here because it deals with an author who has refused to move his story along, dropped tons time-wasters (as shown by the focus of the TV show) and is now watching it (the books) shrink in comparison to the TV show.

Complaints about Dorne: It was never an important element to the story. Martin spends 200+ pages there with almost nothing of real interest.

"But I couldn't help noticing Quyburn didn't announce who the knight was. For those find small details interesting, you might have suspected he's the revived zombizied Mountain."

We all know who he is, he's been getting ready for his closeup in the basement--Cersei even visited. And oh yeah, he's big as a...

"...why would Alliser let him through the walls last episode and stab him this episode?"

It might not have been pretty what would have occurred between him and the Wildings if he did. Easier to bring him in and kill him.

"After all he has been through, including starved in Storms End for a year without surrendering, now he suddenly sacrifice his blood 1 day after he lost some supplies and horses??? It just doesn't make sense."

Had to do it. He even said this was it--now or never. The witched had helped he before, why not increase your odds by following her lead?

"Melisandre running and crying scene, running into Davos, that just doesn't feel right to me. She's not her deceptive and mysterious self, and that just seems... out of place."

Though I didn't notice her running and crying she had put her faith in her god that Stannis was the key player she had been looking for. Only natural that she would be shook that he wasn't--and who knows? Perhaps Jon is.

Loved everything with Ayra. She couldn't continue on the tear she'd been on--she had a chance to become more contemplative. Her instincts took hold at the end due to the appearance of one on her list.

"All quibbles generally but the biggest flaw IMO was the absence of Ghost either on screen or even mention of him."

I think it's been clearly shown, and discussed, that these bad boys like to go off--sometimes for a long time--and kill and eat the local game. They're loyal when around, but hey they have their own life to live.

"And she just happens to pinpoint Stannis 's location in a battle of 10000 people ???"

I note mention of coincidences in these threads. I think the show does pretty well on this regard. Besides have you ever read Shakespeare?