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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Overall I thought it was an excellent episode and excellent season of GOT with some notable exceptions.

Cersei's walk of shame was phenomenal in my view. Tracked the book largely and frankly was close to how I imagined it when I read it - well well done.

I thought Mereen played out pretty well this ep. Loved seeing the Varys Tyrion get together. They should do an entire series with just those 2 actors talking - I would watch.

Arya's scenes worked for me. Was a good twist to the books to get her blind and there certainly was satisfaction seeing Trant eat it.

Stannis - well I was never a big Stannis fan so can't say this was very surprising. Lots of the book camp Stannis the Mannis super-fans will be hugely disappointed - but I always saw it going that way. Perhaps the Pink letter was not so false? Who knows?

Theon - his at least partial redemption story pays off - presumably they will encounter Brienne and Pod - and go hunt for Rickon - we shall see I guess.

Dorne - Of course sucked as it has all season - completely illogical and stupid.

Jon Snow and Night's Watch - Sam heading to Old Town - just as expected except it was his idea rather than Jon's. The set up for the stabbing was kind of lame but why would Alliser let him through the walls last episode and stab him this episode? That seemed both weird and out of character - all of a sudden he is like the mutineers at Crasters who killed LC Mormont? Also what about the white walkers and wights? There was no discussion of them? No Wun Wun to set it off.

All quibbles generally but the biggest flaw IMO was the absence of Ghost either on screen or even mention of him. Where has he been all season except the one scene where he saved Sam and Gilly - the showrunners seem unenthused about the whole Dire Wolf tie in which is so crucial in the books and I think that is one change that has been a bummer big time.

With all that - I thought it a great ep and a great season -

Unlike TOM, I don't believe it is at all surpassing of the books but I did enjoy this season.