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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

My opinion is S5 Episode 10 has gone full retard. catmouse Hopefully they can write a better story for S6, now that the show is outpacing the book. But I wouldn't bet on that. Your guess is as good as mine as to what happen afterwards. Anyways, my thoughts on this episode.

1st. Brienne and Pod aren't even Northerners, How did they not get found out by Guards/Scouts while lurking near a City that is soon under Siege? And how did they made contact to the locals to know about the candle and the tower signal thing??? And she just happens to pinpoint Stannis 's location in a battle of 10000 people ??? seems legit.

2nd. Doran Martell... what happen to Mercella made him like a clown losing control. The guy may be in wheelchair, but he is certainly calling the shots. By doing that poison scene, it just makes him looks weak, and eventually force his hands going to war, doing a vengeful woman's bidding. It's like one episode he is Don Corleone, one episode he is reduced to an errand boy. I don't like how they are portraying him here.

3rd. Mellisandra running and crying scene, running into Davos, that just doesn't feel right to me. She's not her deceptive and mysterious self, and that just seems... out of place.

4th. Stannis... I won't elaborate much but I guess no one saw that coming, probably not even GRRM. The show made him a self-destructive suicidal fool, but in fact he is a great tactican; stubborn, but not suicidal. And how did the Sell swords left overnight without anyone noticing? you think someone as competent as Stannis won't notice and do something about it? and it just so happens the sellswords owns ALL of the horses ??? come on ....

5th. Ayra. Finally 1 enjoyable scene rage

6th. Jon. This was widely expected to happen by book readers (just in a slightly different manner in the books). I think many people are on the same idea suspecting "something" significant will happen after this. So many fan girls gonna be raged.

7th Cersei 's Penance walk. A very good scene, wanted to see her suffer since Season 1. But I couldn't help noticing Quyburn didn't announce who the knight was. For those find small details interesting, you might have suspected he's the revived zombizied Mountain. His alias is Ser Robert Strong. (before Tywin died, he thought they should announce the mountain's death to appease the Martell's from declaring War. So now, he has a new name and helmet covering up his face) Anyways, that's just some interesting info aside.