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Reply to "Game of Thrones [The TV Show Only; Please No Spoilers Based Upon the Books]"

Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
They are deviating from the books a lot and it cannot be helped. Some of the changes have been good, others have not made much sense but whatever - I try to judge the show on its own as much as possible.

So far I am enjoying the season. Personally, I would always prefer more Arya and less Dany - true also in the books for me. On re-reads, I often skip Dany chapters.

Regardless, this season has been pretty enjoyable so far with the exception of the Sons of Harpy episode which blew chunks and made absolutely no sense.

Having not read the books, I cannot comment on what will happen... but since they are deviating anyway...

I think they are setting things up for Tyrion to become Dany's primary advisor.

There hasn't been nearly as much Dany sex/nudity which makes her storyline less interesting, but I still like it.

Agreed, I love Arya and hope she continues to play a major role and they don't switch actors if she becomes "a girl".

I like the season so far and/but Stannis is a much more likable character this season so far which I find interesting. They managed to turn Jamie into a sympathetic character (and sortof The Hound, too) so I suppose anything is possible.

I'm glad Bran isn't in this season. I have no use for him nor his storyline.

I've loved the buddy duo routine of Bronn and Jamie, though.

As soon as I saw Indira Varma last season I knew she had to have more than a few lines. I'm interested to see where that storyline goes -- but I have my reservations.

Overall, not as amazing as season 4 so far, but still very strong -- and plus no Bran!

Also, since I know that this season may pass some aspects of where the books are -- and I haven't read the books, and I know that nothing has been revealed in the books anyway -- by the end of this season I'm betting we see Jon Snow not burned by fire.
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