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Reply to "French wine for chocolate creme brule..."

Originally posted by indybob:

You ask some good questions, so let me take them one at a time.

You are such a bonehead sometimes. Have you ever had either of these products? Boneheads generally can't read well. Read again, I never said I had eaten either product.

Do I believe in reality TV shows? Of course! There are plenty of them!

3,000 posts??? Thanks for the note! I'll have to try that! (side note to W+A, you've met me, I swear I'm not mwg!)

Chilepepper/Inky, you'd better get on a plane and fly on up to Indy. Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna head on over to the local super (Whole Foods in Nora), and buy up every key lime I can get my hands on. If they don't have them there, I'm heading next door to the Marsh.

I have the afternoon off, so I'm gonna make up a big giant key lime pie, and I'm getting some Valrhona 70%, no check that, some Ghirardelli Flickettes, melt them up and drizzle them all over the top. And, what's worse, I'll take the whole shebang into the office on Friday to corrupt my workmates.

The clock is ticking, you have about 13 hours to get up there. I MUST BE GOING CRAZY, STOP ME BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

To respond, in no particular order:

You opened the door for the 3000 posts.

Please don't go to whole foods to get your Mexican grown key limes, instead, please fly down here to South Fla and I will personally deliver to you some local grown, tree ripe, yellow key limes. By the way, did you know ripe key limes should be yellow, not those rock hard green things in a mesh bag (or taken out of the bag and sold bulk, that you get at whole foods) ?

If you are a chocolate man, please stick with the Valrhona, or even better, a limited production Scharffenberger.

Oh, and who is mwg?