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Reply to "French wine for chocolate creme brule..."

Originally posted by Board-O:
An absolute statement like that is ridiculous. Chocolate, which I love, ruins a top notch cheesecake, as well as a creme brule.
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

I don't know why I'm legitimizing my tastes to you, but for me, chocolate doesn't ruin any dessert. With your precious tapioca/wine; I find tapioca kind of nasty, so if I ever try yours, I'll be sure to bring a can of hershey's to dump in there to help it out. But, key lime pie with some chocolate sauce? Mmmmm. With "top notch" NY cheesecake? Mmmmm. I tried it once with jello??? Sure, it wasn't the best, but it certainly wasn't bad.

I know many of you hard-core food snobs will disagree <cough> Board-O <cough>, but I can't envision a scenario where I'd toss a good dessert, just because quality chocolate was added. (here's where mwg would add the tongue sticking out emoticon),

A lot of it depends on how you define "bad" doesn't it, and most importantly, everybody has different tastes.

To spin humor from The Onion, I'm like an alcoholic, but for chocolate!
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