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Finally purchased the IWC Portuguese Chronograph I have been wanting for years.  Just a beautiful watch.

What color is the dial? I have a Portuguese 7 day with the champagne dial and it's an absolute beauty. Love the thing. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. 

Gentlemen, umm, Portugieser, please. 🙃

Snipes, next time we enjoy wine together please wear your IWC. I seem to recall you might want me to wear a Jaeger LeCoultre. Just remind me.

IWC, one of the very earliest large timepieces. Their reference 325 was 43mm in the ‘50’s which was unheard of. 

Is your watch the 3714 reference which has been their go-to for over 20 years now? The always rock solid modified Valjoux chronograph is a proven movement. Do you know the watchmaker, Richard Habring? He started his own brand named Habring2 after leaving IWC. He drove their Rattrapante development. 

Snipes, keep in mind your watch is only splash proof with a 30 ATM rating so never swim with it! 

The only way I'd ever get that sucker wet is if I got caught in a downpour. I hear you on the spelling, it's mangled more often than spelled correctly. I fell into it this time as well. Looking forward to it...