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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Haggis, it might be helpful to understand what you are looking for in a watch to offer better options, if that makes sense.

If one is looking for highly accurate watches and I mean highly, highly jeweled, high frequency quartz cannot be beat with any mechanical watch, period. An example is the Grand Seiko ( grow their own quartz) 9F movement which is within 5 seconds per year. Many have tested out at +/- one second per year. Girard Perregaux caliber 350 quartz is an amazing 32,768 hertz ( vibrations per second) will also perform within one second per year.

High end quartz is also thermo-compensating to eliminate the temperature fluctuations that occur in standard quartz watches just as an example.

None of this matters to 99% of people, but something tells me you like specifics. Big Grin I currently own 19 watches ( planning on reducing) with 17 mechanical. If you prefer mechanical, the wants and desires of your watch selection will be critical.

I will be glad to help and offer opinions if you like, but don't want to bore with details also.

w+a: Being in the sciences, I very much appreciate the details! Bring them on.

As for my criteria, I'm not interested in the level of accuracy that you describe for some watches. I'm interested in something that looks good (appeals to my aesthetics), is reliable, and is affordable. Some of these magnificent time pieces are way beyond my budget. I'm looking at something in the $1000 or range.

The styles I like are IWC Portofino (can't afford) and Junghans (Max Bill, Meister, Form C). So, "Bauhaus", minimalist, whatever.

More later, and looking forward to learning more from all of you. Thanks!