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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by snipes:
What are the thoughts on the Tudor line of watches? I understand they are owned by Rolex, which frankly does nothing for me.
I'm eyeballing the Tudor Ranger. I purchased a similarly styled Hamilton Officer 6-8 months ago and it has been in the shop more than on my wrist. If they can't fix it this go round I'm going to ask for my $$ back and move on to something else. Personally I like the looks of the Hamilton better.

snipes, since Tudor returned to the U.S. market in 2013 they have been eating up market share.

While their quality is nowhere near Rolex, nor is their pricing. They have started using in-house movements on some of their watches but not the Ranger yet. The Ranger still uses the very reliable ETA 2824 movement created originally by Eterna. This is a rock solid engine and easily serviceable by many.

The watch is far superior to the Hamilton of today but obviously cost more. I think you would be well pleased with Tudor as their QA/QC is excellent for their price point IMO.

We can talk more at dinner next week.