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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by haggis:
Thanks Rob and w+a. You are most helpful. I am looking forward to taking my first steps into the world of "fine" watches and really appreciate your thoughtful and helpful comments. A generous community, this. Much obliged!


How exciting your foray into a nice watch, and as has been described, it does not have to cost a lot, but many do.
Three of my watches are automatic (self-winding), and I hate the arm flailing motion, so I keep them on a winder. This way they are always good to go and the date is usually correct, if not a day off. These are the easiest to deal with.
I have one manual wind watch, which I bought for that unique aspect, but if it has been a week or so, then I have to wind it up, which takes a few minutes.
I have one battery fine watch, but then I have to send it off to have the battery change - so this is a little bit of a pain.

I would recommend the automatic for your first fine watch or perhaps the manual wind if you become completely infatuated with it.

Happy shopping!