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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by sarbuze:
I'm from just outside of Detroit (originally) and spent 4 years in the "D" during undergrad. I've always been fascinated by Shinola, having visited their flagship store a few times, but never pulled the trigger because I couldn't settle on one I loved.

A good friend of mine at work surprised me with a very nice Shinola watch as a congrats on a recent promotion. Wearing it today and love it. I realize it isn't in the "timepiece" category but they really do make nice looking watches. And I'm finally wearing something that says "Detroit" right on it...makes me feel good and nostalgic Smile

Shinola Argonitz 1069 w/ blue face and tan band

Sarbuze, congrats and a nice gift. Is your model 41mm?

I would put Shinola in the fashion watch category personally. They do very well it appears in their marketplace.

I bought one impulsively last year. At their low price point I figured what the heck. While I don't wear it often, I do enjoy it when I do. A solid fairly priced fashion watch I think.

I hope you enjoy yours a great deal!