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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Rob, Don is sending me my new Metta Catharina strap today. Cool I will send you a picture when I get it.

I can't thank you enough for hooking me up with him. He had issues making the strap to fit the 2016 version PAM 422 but worked through the issues and was great to work with.

Don just ordered some leather from Japan he is excited about. He is going to send me pictures when he receives the leather. I'm always open to a new strap for one of my watches.

Thanks again, Rob!

Glad to be a help! It's such an amazing leather. I"m glad he could come through!

That's the worst and best thing about Panerais, it's so easy to change the straps you end up with a lot of them. I just put a new toad strap on my wife's PAM111 from ABParis. Looks like a toasted mashmallow (creamy white bottom with the tops of the toad bumps grading up to a toasted brown) and it's stunning.