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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by Rothko:
So, I need some quick advice.

My 13 year old wants to buy himself a watch. He's interested in a Fossil Townsman Automatic stainless steel watch. Looks like it runs for about $250.

I know nothing about the Fossil brand. I do know that at that price range, he could look at a Seiko, Hamilton or Citizen.

Anyone know anything about Fossil?

I'd like him to make his own choice, but if the difference in quality is large enough to point him towards something else, I might "suggest" a different brand.


Rothko . . . these are fairly decent watches which, if memory serves, is owned by the Swatch Group. My nephew has a fossil watch (not that particular one); bangs it up pretty good and is has lasted a while.

Hamilton is certainly more of a "legitimate" watch for a burgeoning watch aficionado than Fossil in this price category. One other watch you might want to check out is Shinola. not sure of price point but this is an American brand. Odd name, yes, but they have some pretty nice looking designs, will be pretty distinctive (if your son cares about that) and have gotten pretty good press about their movements