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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by wine+art:
Rob, the Glashutte senator is a watch I have nearly bought twice now.

The thing worth watching to me is, what if PP only produces this watch for one or two years. If that happens, the $47k will be a nice buy.

I'm a fan of Zenith's pilot watches.

Glashutte is under appreciated. The Senator comes in so many great iterations...

You're right Zenith makes a great pilot watch. I'm especially fond of the Type 20 and because it doesn't use the el-primero it's very reasonable.

And I guess I agree that the PP pilot might be a smart buy and it's a great looking watch, I'm just surprised that Patek went in that direction. It's not them. Then again the PP I'm lusting over (5164/A) most people scoff at and it's the same movement so...