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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by snipes:
Is anyone else interested in seeing the upcoming Apple watch?

Not in the least.

Are the days of traditional mechanical watches and craftsmanship winding down? I mean let's face it, a high percentage of sub $5k watches use purchased movements from Swatch that can't cost much more than $100.

Snipes, just the opposite has happened. More and more companies have moved towards in-house movements than ever before. Montblanc and Cartier being just two examples alone. Also, do not forget that the finer companies greatly upgrade and modify the ETA movements when they buy the basic 2824 or Valjoux 7750 designs. Also, do not overlook the custom cases, their materials, ( much difference) their testing and straps.

Will the younger generation continue to prize the simple elegance in a single function mechanical piece of jewelry?

Snipes, horology has never been about the masses, so yes there will always be a market for the few that seek out the finer timepieces. Much like wine, art and other forms of collecting, horology nuts rarely own just one fine timepiece. Also keep in mind, with few exceptions fine watches are not mass produced all things considered. ( Rolex being an exception)