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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by snipes:
Is anyone else interested in seeing the upcoming Apple watch? I've poo pooed these new smart watches, but something about Apple's upcoming edition has caught my attention so much that I could see myself purchasing one of these for ~$500 and scratch the new watch itch assuming they put out a good product.

Are the days of traditional mechanical watches and craftsmanship winding down? I mean let's face it, a high percentage of sub $5k watches use purchased movements from Swatch that can't cost much more than $100.

Will the younger generation continue to prize the simple elegance in a single function mechanical piece of jewelry?

I'm interested in the Apple Watch, I've been in the market for a fitness bracelet. The good ones go for $150-$200 with all the features I would want (heart rate without a strap, certain splash proofness, sapphire crystal etc..)
The Apple Watch will do all that and then some.
I would rather wait even if its extra $$
Its on my wish list for my BDay !!

I still haven't given up on my wanting a Panerai.... One day !!