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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by mangiare:
Congrats CSM. That is awesome! I hope everyone is doing well. Welcome to the club. (no drinking (heavy at least), sleepless nights, bottles, taking a minimum of 2-3 bags of stuff everywhere you go even though you don't know what they are for, sleepless nights, diapers, oh ya did i mention sleepless nights....)

I need a push present.
got my eye on a nice radiomir, now I just need to pull that trigger!

I'm just ranting. Everyday is more wonderful than the previous because of mine. They really make life special.

When I was looking at ABP paris's new site they have the following for sale if you're looking for a Radomir. Great price for a really amazing watch.

And I second the sleepless nights, wackload of superfluous stuff always needed, sleepness nights and the most wonderful and stress reducing thing to come home to every night. Everything else just melts away.