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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by mangiare:
thanks - this will give me something to think about.
Rob - I definitely agree with the classic vs. what's in/hot right now. The one reason I like the IWC white gold is because of that greyish face.
In my virgin watch travels, it was the first I had seen and really liked it. I'm leaning toward the Panerai right now but for some reason really want to like the Patek. I'm going to try an Aquanaut.

Regarding the Royal Oak, I've been turned off lately. Not sure why but not interested.
I'm in absolutely no rush.

I know the feeling about grey face watches. My Holy Grail is a FP Journe Octa Reserve de Marche.

Go to Van Ryk on Eglinton just east of Yonge. They have a huge collection of watches (used) but you will be able to try on anything you have had your eye on. Probably wouldn't buy from there as you can probably get a better deal elsewhere (but who knows, they certainly haggle). They probably have 50+ Pateks etc...

Another one to try is a Franck Muller. The were a little trendy around 2006-9 but arn't really anymore. They are however one of the most comfortable watches in the world due to their curved case. Very nice watch and attention grabbing without being attention grabbing if you know what I mean.