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Reply to "Fine Watches"

Originally posted by fusionstorm:
Dunno if there are any forum guidelines looking askance at this. I'm divesting myself of a portion of my vintage Rolex collection. My collection grew larger than I expected, and I'm looking to consolidate into a handful of pieces. If anyone's interested, I've got the following posted (or soon to be) on a well-known Rolex forum:

Red 1680 Submariner with box, papers and accessories - 3.1M serial equates to a 1971 or 1972 date of manufacture/sale

Matte dial transitional 16800 Submariner complete set - 8.3M serial with guarantee paperwork indicating watch was originally sold in 1984

1655 Explorer II "Steve McQueen" (or more accurately, the "Freccione") orange hand with box, papers and booklet - 7.4M serial equals a 1982 date of manufacture

Email is epark at fusionstorm dot com in case anyone's interested........

fusionstorm, while I have never been a fan of Rolex in general, nice collection indeed.

Good luck.