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Reply to "Fine Watches"

I have an interest in watches that nearly matches my wine habit (read: problem). I own a number of manufacturers and can agree with the general advice you are receiving:
    Go with a watch manufacturer, not a "label"
    Tag is an excellent value - I own 3 - no issues with any of them
    Rolex is not really a great timepiece (if that's important to you) -- more of a status symbol. Most are also clunky
    Blancpain (big fan - only own 1, but love it) is great - you'll have a very difficult time at your price point
    Ulysses Nardin = good suggestion! Not sure of pricing...
    Armand Nicollet is nice - buy from a good dealer as a friend had dealer-service issues
    Chopard, Corum (unique, not for everyone), Concord, IWC (low price-point for IWC),and Ebel are all fine