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Reply to "February 2011: What are you drinking?"

Wednesday night:
2007 Rhys Chard
2005 Guyon Corton Charlemange
1997 Jaboulet La Chappele
2006 (?) vice versa
a 2006 italian supertuscan whose name I cannot spell but was 100% sangiovese and needed lots of time.
a 2001 italian syrah that Manfred Krankle is involved in that rocked.

Thursday at Chateau Stefania (guys please fill in names as I did not catch all the bottles):

a bubbly that was enjoyable
2008 Stefania Chard (wonderful with the crab)
2007 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountain Chard
1999 Ridge Monte Bello (was in a great place)
1984 Ridge ?????? Zinfandel (the ballpark frank wine)
1985 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow (in a great place)
2007 Sesson cab (for the money this was a good as it gets - I'll be buying)
2008 Stefania SCM cab
2008 Copper-Garrod viognier
There were also two pinots (one of which came in a 35lb bottle) that I did not get the producer names (or have since forgotten)

Friday - lots of airplane water. Wink
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