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Reply to "February 2011: What are you drinking?"

Originally posted by xhoser:
Originally posted by davec:
2005 Bond Matriarch - still young, old world style. Opens up with time.

Thanks for taking one for the team. I've got 3 resting and was wondering when to pop the cork on one. I guess I'll wait a little longer based on your review.

This was our first Matriarch. Will probably finish the bottle tomorrow or the next day, and will report back. Probably needs 2-3 years. Wanted to verify before ordering the '07. We're in. Might get two 3 packs.

We started planning our 2011 purchases, which we hope to get down to less than we drink in a year, and as little as half. With offers starting, we have to compare to be more selective, and be prepared to put in our orders early. We don't want to miss out on offers like the 47 minute Schrader offer. Wish us luck.

We started drinking our expected favorites to see from whom we wish to purchase. So far, in the last week or so, in addition to the Matriarch, we have also tried and added the maker to our list:
Lamborn - '05 Howell Mountain Cab
Paratus - '06 Mount Veeder Cab
Myriad - '08 Beckstoffer Dr Crane Cab
All 3 much more Cali Cab style.
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