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Reply to "FEb 21 Whats for Supper?"

@javachip posted:

Last Saturday, February 20, with Jabe11 and his wonderful family:

First course:  fresh fettucine tossed with olive oil and parmesan, with a salt-cured egg yolk fresh from the backyard.  Shaved fresh black Italian winter truffles on top.

Second course:  pan seared beef tenderloin with perigord sauce.  Shaved fresh black Italian winter truffles on top.  Caesar salad with parmesan crisps.

Jabe11 can fill in the names of the white wines, which were superb.  We had a 1998 Gaja Barbaresco with the steaks, and a 2001 Ch. de Malle sauternes with an excellent assortment of pastries for dessert.

Hey, sorry I missed this post, JC!  Yes, excellent evening.  The whites were:

2019 SA Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Sec with starters

2018 Pra Soave Classico, Otto

Looking forward to the next one.