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Reply to "Feb 2021 - What wine are you drinking?"

NV Larmandrier Bernier Longitude

2013 Leon Barral Jadis - Love this producer.  Another great bottle.

2005 Grgich Hills Estate - Held up well for a bottle bought at a Meijer's in Novi, MI  a long time ago.  Decent Napa Cab.

2005 Casa Lapostolle Clos Apalta - Really suprised by how well this showed.  Still in that generic polished Bdx blend from who knows where but there was a reat mint note, balance and complexity to it without the weight that plaugues this style.

2005 Tignanello - A close second to the Clos Apalta on steak night.

2010 Bodegas El Nido Clio - Hot mess.  Cough Syrup. It says 15.5% on the bottle and i'd be surpirsed if it was under 17%.

2013 Carlisle Compagni Portis - love the Carlisle whites and this is no exception. Textural, tropical white.

2017 Mosse Nostromo - Ok.  A little wild/rustic, fruits a bit sweet while fighting the acidity.  Comes off disjointed.

???? Koppitsch Perspektive Rot - Missed the vintage, think it was an '18.  Easy drinking red with enough going on to keep your interest. 

2015 Brigitte & Gerhard Pittnauer Pittnauski - Similar to the Koppitsch in style, but a step behind in my books.