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Reply to "Favorite Rap/Hip-hop album/CD"

Originally posted by fusionstorm:
I know I'm resurrecting this thread from the depths, but I can't believe there wasn't a single mention of arguably the greatest album in hip hop history:

"Paid in Full" - Eric B & Rakim

Most everyone in the industry of note from hip hop's "Golden Age" will cite this album as the inflection point that expanded their perception of the art of rhyming as well as production. And if you think about who preceded Eric B & Rakim, it's easy to see that "Paid in Full" was the jumpoff point for styles and rhythms to evolve.

To use a football analogy, they were the Bill Walsh of hip hop & rap, spawning many greats who took the genre into new spaces.

I think you have to be REALLY old school to be in the camp that really appreciates this for what it was...I think that may be why there is no mention of it. I recall many of the same citations for the album back when I was heavy into rap in the 90's, and I bought the CD(!). It never really resonated with me, and think it was probably just a timing issue.

Not sure I chimed in on this thread earlier, but The Low End Theory would probably occupy spost 1-5 for me, similar to what TPE did with Ready to Die. I've gotten rid of nearly all of my CD's, but I hang onto that one (as well as Midnight Maraurders, FWIW) because of how much of an impact it had on me. How I miss the days of Tribe...