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Reply to "Favorite Rap/Hip-hop album/CD"

Originally posted by spo:

I especially hated the skits.

Skits can be a tough listen. I'm trying to think of one (one!) with staying power.

Prince has been too fond of skits, too.


As an aside, one of the funniest things about the internets is seen on a thread like this one. It starts out with a "What's you favorite..." thread and then draws in then draws in the whines of "I don't like any" or "None ya have my exquisite taste."

It gives me a chuckle every time. I plead guilty to having done it, too.

Human nature!

You could start a thread about people's favorite type of steak and you'd be guaranteed some "I hate meat" and "None of you know steak like I do" proclamations along the way.