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Reply to "Favorite Cut of Steak and why?"

Krogers in our area has porterhouse for $7.29 per pound. I may get the buter to do a cut to make a strip and filet.
Originally posted by kybo:
1) NY Strip
2) Filet
3) Porterhouse (natch!)

One of the local Kroger stores here does a pretty fair job w/their hand-cut steaks. Late last summer, they had a sale on T-bones for $9.99/lb. I asked for three porterhouse cuts (1-1/2" to 2"), he smiled and came back out with three steaks about 2-1/2"+ in thickness (I think mostly because he saw the ravenous look in the eyes of my 14 yr. old!). With the additional $2.00/lb. off w/the Kroger card, I picked up 96 oz. of beautiful porterhouse steaks for about $50. Took them home and realized there was no way Mrs. K and I could eat a 31-32 oz. steak, so I cut out the filets (10-12 oz.) and sawed off the short chine bone on to leave a couple of 20-22oz. bone-in strips.

The BI strips were incredible, and I believe the G-man ate his entire porterhouse, and a portion of Mrs. K's strip. For outdoor grilling, the thicker the better.