Reply to "Exactly what's in wine besides grape juice and yeast?"

gregt posted:
brought it back from the market and was told it was organic.  Sure enough, after a few minutes very tiny insects were floating in the water. ....

Organic by default pretty much means bugs happen.  Soaking is a good idea for any organic fruit or veggie.  I soak everything coming out of my garden.  I've said for years there is no such thing as vegan.  It's just a matter of the prejudice you have about the size of the animal you're eating and if it was consumed directly or was a casualty of processing.  

The huge volume producers have opposed wine labeling for years.  I support it 100%.  I think we have a great story to tell, especially above the bottom 4-5 shelves of the super market.

Fresh Grapes

Spent Yeast Hulls

Sulfates (which I already have to put on and with labeling laws I could put 'contains less than 1%' of both the yeast hulls and Sulfates)

That would be 90% of my labels.

The other 10% would include:


Tartaric Acid

Hardly scary stuff.