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Here's a WS article from 2013.

In addition to the additives, there may be bugs, bird shit, spiders, spider webs, moths, caterpillars, insect eggs, toe cheese if the grapes were foot stomped, and various other proteinaceous treats.

As with all foods as well, contamination with teeny amounts of unmentionables occurs.  Given what Greg T has written, I wonder if vegetarians should eschew wine due to the bugs, etc.

Personally, if a label said "Contains trace amounts of bugs, bird shit, spiders, etc." I would pass on the purchase of that wine.  I'd rather not know.

I'd rather not know as well. I was appalled when, as a kid, we looked at apple cider under a microscope. Lots of living little worms in there.

Much later I worked with a guy who was very involved in the orthodox community in Brooklyn. I'd bring things back to the office from the green market and offer them to folks I worked with but he never accepted. I asked why and he told me that it was a real big deal in his congregation because some people had found small aphids or something on some cabbage, and suddenly it wasn't parve any more, so he had some guy inspect all of his fruit and vegetables with a magnifying glass under bright lights to see if there were any insects or bugs.

Apparently he was right because my wife insisted that I soak some broccoli in a vinegar/salt water solution before cooking it. I'd brought it back from the market and was told it was organic.  Sure enough, after a few minutes very tiny insects were floating in the water. You would think they were pieces of broccoli but with a magnifying glass it was apparent that they weren't. So my wife no longer eats broccoli. Not for any religious reason, but because she's grossed out with the idea that she may inadvertently eat a bug.