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Sennheiser HD 600 open back -- best sounding phones I've heard. Amazing clarity and definition, and a HUGE sound stage.

But thanks to Rob for also turning me on to the Meze 99 Classics. He made me realize I needed closed back phones. Warmer sound than the Sennheisers, and also lovely to look at.

And for running or working around the house/yard, I love my Jaybird X2 wireless Bluetooth buds. The best sounding buds I've heard - even better than the Jaybird X3 and Jaybird Run.

Thanks for this.  I have been considering Sennheiser phones for home use, and definitely want open back, so I will look into the 600.  I need some closed back ones, too, for traveling.  I was not familiar with the Meze.  Is that a better option than closed back Senns?

I haven't tried closed-back Sennheisers but if the open-back models are any indication, I expect the upper-range closed-back models are excellent. 

Here's a review of the SD 600s:

The main thing to note is the frequency response graph. A slight boost in the upper mid-range (2K), and the very low bass tails off, but I prefer this to the artificially enhanced bass-thumper phones that are prevalent these days.

The Meze were recommended to me by Rob Sutherland. Very high quality construction, very comfortable. I like the sound very much, but they do have a warmer sound than the Sennheisers with boosted low mids and bass. Here's a tech report showing the frequency response: