Delmonico Steakhouse, Las Vegas

Date: July 8, 2005
Location: The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Corkage: $25/bottle
Cost: $450 - party of four (including tax, tip & corkage)
Reservation: 702.414.3737

To my surprise, got a last minute reservation through just a couple of days before the trip to Vegas. So instead of Fleming's, Capital Grille, or BOA, the three other places I had thought about to kick off my friend's bachelor party weekend, this is where we end up for dinner on the Friday night.

The four of us arrived about 15 minutes early and were promptly seated, busy but not completely packed.

The service was above average, but not warm, mechanical is the best word to describe. I asked for the three bottles of wine I brought to be decanted, which was no problem at all. No Riedels, but nice enough stemware to pass.

We ordered an antipasto for the table to get started. I had the Classic Steak Tartare as the appetizer and had the dry-aged Bone In Rib Steak as the entree.

The Classic Steak Tartare is the best presentation of such I've seen. Tartare in the center with individual garnishes fanned out, completed with baguette toast points. Flavor was good, but missing the bam element I expected.

The Rib Steak I ordered was suppose to be medium-rare, but was closer to a medium, which was fine by me, as I tend to like it somewhere in between the two. Word of caution here, all four steaks we had at our table, the temperature were missed by close to one notch, rare = medium rare, medium-rare = medium...etc.
Good piece of raw material, but the kitchen failed to make it stand-out. Again, seasoning was lacking, salt and pepper can definitely be used more liberally.

Ordered three desserts to pass around the table to finish the dinner, nothing interesting here to write home about.

The total including tax, tip and corkage came out to be $450 for the four of us, not a bad price tag especially considering we are in Vegas.

With this outing, I think I am completely done with top name destination Vegas restaurants. Aureole, Bradley Ogden,
Picasso and now this, none has given me a desire to visit for a second time.
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