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Reply to "December 2003, What are you buying?"

In my own auction, I have to admit, I bought some wonderful wines. What I tasted so far.

- Haut-Condissas 1997. Not the miracle of the century, but the first time I tasted it. Nice.

- Chardonnay Beerenauslese 2001 from Neusiedlersee.
(Weingut Weiss, Apetlon). Delicious, and not as heavy in alcohol as a Sauternes.

- Ch. Grand-Renouil, Canon-Fronsac, 1995. Great wine, value for money and all that.

- Weissburgunder Trocken, 2001 (Weingut Sander, Mettenheim Rheinhesen). It looked cheap, without even a capsule. But it's a very rich pinot blanc. In an Alsatian style. Nice. And I only spent 2 euro plus costs...

- Domaine Bismarck Cuvée Vanessa 2000.
Sounds like a side show, but it's perectly made of zweigelt, blaufränkisch and cabernet sauvignon (oak fermented). A very fine Austrian red wine.
I really love Austrian red wines. They are so pure and sainly made...

Bought some 1996 vintage Fonseca, have to taste that yet. Guess I don't have to be in a hurry.