Reply to "Cuban Food and Wine"

Hello Everyone...I was wondering if you could suggest some wine that would go with this menu. This is for my engagement party and I wanted to buy the wine separately from the restaurant, but I really don't know what goes with the food. I've included the menu below. Your help would be much appreciated!

Caribbean Salad
A blend of seasonal mixed greens served with fresh Mango slices, drizzled with our House Creamy Balsamic dressing.

All entrees are served with "Congris" (mixed black beans & rice, simmered with pork tenders), Plus "Maduros" (fried ripe plantains),

The "Cubano" Sirloin
BLACK ANGUS Sirloin of beef (10oz.) tenderized, then sautéed with our garlic "Mojo" juice,
fresh parsley & lemon juice, topped with grilled onions.

Saffron Chicken Fricasè
Bone-in breast of chicken slow-simmered
with skinless potatoes in light tomato white wine saffron broth.
Served with steamed white rice & "Maduros".

Salmon "al Albarino"
Fresh fillet with scallops in a reduced "Albarino" white wine sauce, sliced