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Reply to "Cuban Food and Wine"

Originally posted by irwin:
This is a tricky question, actually. I was in Cuba (legally)in 2001. The food there is incredibly bland, because spices are very expensive and they are quite poor.
Every meal had either beans and rice, or, sometimes rice and beans.
But, how your friends are going to prepare the food is another question.

My guess is you are looking at alot of starches and the food tends to be heavy. You might get some foods with peppers.
Let us know how it works out.

I have been in Cuba too. The cuban food you get in the US has nothing to do with the food in Cuba. In addition to the rice and beans, and the beans and rice, the other abundant ingredient that I remember from my trip to Habana was eggs (scrambled for breakfast, boiled for lunch and either for dinner).

I agree with Vinole, for the cuban food served in So Florida I wouldn't bring a Pinot Noir. Tempranillo and Garnacha pair well.

Let us know what the menu was and enjoy.