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Reply to "Coronavirus 2019"

@napacat posted:

Too many things to dissect...but I'll just start with vaccines...Never once did I say that we should not have them.  I think they are great for the group of people that needs them.  They should NOT be mandated however.  Kind of like "My Body My Choice"

@g-man posted:

Correlation vs causation.  You clearly have no knowledge of either.

Also the keystone pipeline was figuring out how to get canadian oil, to refinerys in texas to export.  Texas has become one of the largest exporters of energy outside of the US, thanks to Trumps policy.  So we're going to give a canadian company funding and permission to run through American soil just so th at 30 full timers can get a job at the cost of billions to tax payers.

There are alot more details to each of the topics you mentioned however none of what anyone tells you would matter since  you clearly have no intention of actually doing any of the research and figuring out the details related to each.

You are, at best, one mindless talking headline, good for clickbiat reading, but never bother in actually recognizing any sort of complexity that real world situations have.

We can start somewhere, look up the definition of liberal.  If you happen to find the inclination to actually have a proper argument, perhaps read the history of our founding also.  Reading the federalist papers would certainly do you more good than watching OAN/Fox for your source of "knowledge"

And lastly, you blame biden for covid deaths, yet folks like you talk about how we shouldnt have vaccines and we should ignore masks.  Your lack of logical thought is not entirely baffling but clearly you lack the insight to recognize it yourself.

And you use way too many broad sweeping generalizations that you think "fit" people who don't think like you.  Just to simply put people in a group to avoid a "real" discussion.